Hot Water Dispensers

Making the Mom Experience More Enjoyable


Any new mom can tell you that time with her infant is precious (along with some good sleep).  So finding a new modern convenience, that can help de-stress and refocus 24-hour/day caregiving, is surely nectar from the heavens.  

InSinkErator offers a family of hot water dispensers which provide instant warm to hot water, great for formula mixing or frozen milk thawing.  They also provide peace of mind for cleanliness and health.  Babies are ultra-sensitive to their new surroundings. Parents can rely on quickly cleaning toys and equipment without harsh chemicals by using the near-boiling instant hot water to keep teething rings, rubber nipples, bottles, breast shields and pumping tubes clean.  

Let’s face it, waiting for what seems like eons for the standard kitchen faucet to dispense hot water to warm milk is agonizing, especially  while enduing the hungry cries of an infant. The faucet installs simply in your counter, and with the touch of a lever, provides instant hot or warm water, eliminating time and water-waste.  

For convenience, for health, and maybe for a few more moments of calm with your new child, consider InSinkErator. Checkout designs and finishes at

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