Garbage Disposals

How To Use a Garbage Disposal

KEY TIP:  Never put fats, oils, or grease into a garbage disposal.  Learn what not to put into a garbage disposal.

  1. Run a steady stream of cool water into the sink before turning on the garbage disposal.  Learn why cool water in the disposal is best.
  2. Before placing any food waste into the disposal, turn it on first
  3. Gradually feed food waste into the disposal, avoid putting large amounts of food waste all at once as this may slow the grinding process
  4. Once the food waste has been broken down, turn the disposal off and let water run for a few seconds to flush the drain pipe

Note: It usually takes only a few seconds to grind food waste, although it depends on the quantity and type of food waste.  The sound of the disposal will change when there is no more food waste in the grind chamber.

We know that unintended problems do arise in the kitchen, so if your disposal stops working, check out how to reset your disposal before calling our Support team. 




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