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How to Replace a Badger Garbage Disposal with Evolution Compact

If it's time to replace a garbage disposal you have a few options.  If you choose to replace your existing InSinkErator Badger® garbage disposal with another Badger model, the current plumbing connection dimensions will match up and you can follow the step-by-step directions on the Installation, Care, and Use manual (ICU) in the box of your new garbage disposal or watch an installation video on our YouTube channel.  

If you're looking to replace and upgrade your garbage disposal to a model with sophisticated grinding technology and advanced noise reduction technology, you might try the Evolution Compact.  It has the same rough-in plumbing dimensions as Badger models so it can be easily interchanged with any Badger disposal without altering the plumbing connections.    


 InSinkErator disposals use a Quick Lock® mounting system which ensures that all models can easily be replaced by twisting off the old disposal, twisting on the new one, then making all plumbing and electrical connections.  

New disposals come with a new sink flange and gasket kit. However, if your current flange is in good condition you don't need to replace it.  If you want your sink flange to match the other finishes in your kitchen you can choose from our wide assortment of sink flange finishes.


If your power cord is in good condition (no damage, cracks, or frays) you can remove it from the old disposal and connect it to your new unit.  Replacement cords are also available.



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