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How To Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

Clean a cast iron skillet by following these simple steps and make sure your cast iron skillet lasts for decades to come.

Often passed down from generations, a well cared for skillet is one of the most important tools in any cook’s kitchen.

Immediately after cooking, wash your skillet with warm water and a sponge. Much debate exists regarding the use of soap to clean your skillet. Purists say it could damage the skillet seasoning. There is very little debate about the dishwasher, however. Don’t ever do it!

Clean with a stiff brush. Avoid steel wool. Instead, try using a brush to clean off food. You can also use coarse Kosher salt and a kitchen sponge to help remove stubborn, stuck-on food.

Dry your skillet to prevent rust. Never let your skillet sit in water – dry it off immediately to prevent rust. As a finishing step, you may massage in a layer of oil or grease to help protect the surface.

Speaking of oil and grease. As you are cleaning your skillet, make sure you never put your fat, oil or grease down the sink. Your garbage disposal can handle it, but it’ll clog your pipes, and nobody wants that!

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