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How To Carve a Turkey

Whether this year’s turkey is the first you’ve carved – or you’re a pro – there’s always room for a refresher.

These steps will help you efficiently carve the bird. And when you’re finished, anything that doesn’t get saved for leftovers can go in your InSinkErator® –including bones.

  1. Removing string and any other trussing that might be on the bird.
  1. Remove legs and thigh by first cutting down through the top of the bird, and then around the underside, until you reach the joint. Use your hands to push down and twist leg and thigh to separate it from the rest of the bird, and finally using a sharp knife to cut through the joint.
  1. Remove wishbone by making a small triangle-shaped slice in the neck, and use your fingers to remove it. This step makes it much easier to remove the breast meat.
  1. To remove the breast meat, place your knife as close to the breast bone as possible and slice downward. Make a horizontal cut at the bottom of breast to assist in removing the breast in one large piece.
  1. Remove wings by slicing downward through the meat, and then twisting it to separate it. Use a sharp knife to slice through joint.
  1. Separate the drumstick from the dark thigh meat, and slice the breast meat against the grain. Transfer the drumsticks, sliced breast meat, and wings to a serving platter and garnish with fresh herbs and seasonal produce such as cranberries and pomegranate seeds.
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