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House Cleaning Tips: How to Prepare for a Party

10 House Cleaning Tips To Make Your Party A Success

Parties are for spending time with your guests – not cleaning up after them. Get a head start on keeping your home tidy with these tips:

  1. Clean out your refrigerator a few days before the party, disposing leftovers into your InSinkErator® garbage disposal. You’ll have more space for items you need for the party – and won’t have do dig through the fridge looking for condiments.
  2. Wipe down every surface with a dust rag, or, in the kitchen, a wet wipe.
  3. Enlist little hands to help you, putting away their toys.
  4. Prepare a “stain kit” – all the items you need in case a spill occurs during the party. The kit should include a sponge, paper towels, and spot cleaners for clothes and carpet. Stash it in an easy-to-find spot.
  5. Before the party starts, empty all wastebaskets, including those in the powder room.
  6. Use a lemon to clean your chrome fixtures. Then throw the lemon down your InSinkErator® garbage disposal to freshen it up.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use disposable plates and utensils! But if you prefer to use the real thing, designate an area for used dinnerware to be stacked during the party. A shallow, rubber tub can be useful to corral silverware.
  8. Stock up on disposable hand towels for the powder room so you won’t have to worry about laundering the cloth ones.
  9. While you’re at it, make sure your shower curtain is closed so the bathroom looks nice and tidy.
  10. Pick one signature cocktail, laying out ingredients for each. We love a Kir Royale Champagne cocktail because it’s so simple, and will require little cleanup. For recipe, visit A Healthy Life For Me.



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