Hot Water Dispensers

101+ Things to Do with an Instant Hot Water Dispenser

The InSinkErator Hot Water Dispenser simplifies a variety of kitchen cooking and cleaning chores, making the dispenser an essential little luxury. Although we have compiled a list of 101+ uses, the possibilities are virtually infinite.

  1. Thaw frozen vegetables
  2. Warm a baby bottle
  3. Clean greasy pots and pans
  4. Get a jump-start on boiling noodles
  5. Clean the counter
  6. Open a tight jar
  7. Get stains out of tablecloths
  8. Help remove labels from bottles
  9. Make instant coffee
  10. Have a cool, filtered glass of water
  11. Warm a jar of chocolate to pour over ice cream
  12. Quickly make ramen noodles
  13. Use for instant TheraFlu®
  14. Make JELL-O®
  15. Clean out a cooler
  16. Make soup
  17. Dissolve Kool-Aid® packets quickly
  18. Clean off dirty silverware
  19. Add to Easy Mac®
  20. Wash vegetables
  21. Make cappuccino
  22. Clean your toothbrush
  23. Clean out bread maker
  24. Get a head start to boil eggs
  25. Loosen top of honey container
  26. Get a head start to boil bratwurst
  27. Get wax off of candle sticks
  28. Hydrate dried foods
  29. Warm up a butter knife for easy cutting
  30. Make hot chocolate
  31. Thaw meat
  32. Soak tomatoes before peeling off the skin
  33. Clean a comb or brush
  34. Warm up maple syrup for an easier pour
  35. Use when canning vegetables and jams
  36. Shrink wrap plastic over Easter eggs
  37. Clean the coffee pot
  38. Soak your feet in warm water before a pedicure
  39. Help save money on water bills
  40. Melt chocolate for chocolate syrup
  41. Make pudding
  42. Clean off grilling utensils
  43. Prepare canning jars
  44. Remove residue from vases
  45. Clean containers for recycling
  46. Make instant rice
  47. Use cool water for watering plants
  48. Form mouth guards for football and hockey
  49. Use hot water for shampooing carpet
  50. Peel price stickers from dishes and glasses
  51. Warm up steak plates
  52. Make instant mashed potatoes
  53. Melt marshmallows for Rice Krispie Treats®
  54. Make tea
  55. Get a head start on steaming vegetables
  56. Make plastic more pliable
  57. Use steam to help sinus congestions
  58. Melt wax for waxing
  59. Clean the kitchen stove
  60. Use cool water to make lemonade
  61. Clean oil off pots
  62. Get a head start to boil hot dogs
  63. Heat fondue mixture
  64. Make espresso
  65. Clean out lunch-box
  66. Rinse dirty plates
  67. Melt caramel for caramel apples
  68. Thin soups and sauces
  69. Blanch nuts
  70. Warm baby food
  71. Use cool water to make iced tea
  72. Clean the inside of the microwave
  73. Melt cheese
  74. Clean cutting board
  75. Give pets cool, filtered water
  76. Wash fruit
  77. Wipe off fridge shelves
  78. Melt butter
  79. Soak apples before peeling the skin off for apple pie
  80. Make grits
  81. Get a head start to boil asparagus
  82. Clean baby pacifier
  83. Add to bread recipes
  84. Clean off cookie pans
  85. Rinse dirty cooking utensils
  86. Make instant hash browns
  87. Clean champagne flutes
  88. Clean out the pet aquarium
  89. Get a head start to boil lobster
  90. Blanch broccoli
  91. Have a shrimp boil
  92. Make pastry crusts
  93. Prepare hot cereals
  94. Make instant oatmeal
  95. Rinse dirty bowls
  96. Prepare a hot compress
  97. Clean eyeglasses
  98. Thaw frozen juice
  99. Make latte
  100. Rinse spaghetti in colander
  101. Take off wallpaper
  102. Loosen nail polish bottle caps
  103. Save time!
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